What comorbidities are associated with Gaucher disease?

Clinical care of patients with rare diseases may be further complicated by comorbidities. One study reviewed the literature to elucidate the comorbid conditions and pharmacotherapies used in patients with Gaucher disease Type 1. Two national databases reporting real-world data of pharmacotherapies prescribed to patients with Gaucher disease Type 1 in Germany (n=87 patients) and the US (n=374 patients) were also used in this study.1

The symptomatology of Gaucher disease Type 1 was characterised by visceral and haematological manifestations (hepatomegaly, splenomegaly, thrombocytopaenia, anaemia, pancytopaenia, neutropaenia, blood-clotting disorders and leukopaenia), bone manifestations (bone or joint pain, skeletal malformations, osteopaenia and osteoporosis) and pulmonary disorders.1

A range of comorbidities associated with Gaucher disease Type 1 were also reported, and these included1:

These data suggest that patients with Gaucher disease may experience a wide range of comorbidities, which may make clinical decision-making more challenging.1

C-ANPROM/INT//7566; Date of preparation: September 2020